Itinerary Planning :


  • before start reading our program, please take a sometimes to check & carefully or maybe cup of coffee in your side, let me bit explain about most question our client is, what time we should be at Surabaya?
  • We recommended have to be at Surabaya, from morning 6a,m to afternoon arrival, so we can have a relaxing before hike to mount bromo start on day 2, or the latest arrival Surabaya should be at midnight 00.00 a.m.
  • In fact, we can pick up anytime your arrival Surabaya, if you already staying at Surabaya hotel, we can point meeting at hotel after you had breakfast at 8/9am
  • Okay, after get pick up by us, we will take you with a personal private car , type of car : MPV (multi purpose vehicle ) full air-condition
  • After get pick up go to bromo 3 to 4 hours drive, we will use high way to Probolinggo
  • During our trip to mount bromo accommodation. we can stop anytime for toilet, break for stop lunch or dinner break before arrive at hotel, just tell our driver in advance if you need stop for smoking for example. * noted lunch & dinner excluded in the packages, so you can feel free to buy your favourite food.
  • If you need recommendation, our driver will suggested location for some clean local restaurant on our routes to bromo if you need break
  • Most our driver can speak a little English, don’t worry about our driver he is professional driver & very easy going.
  • Arrival at hotel , we will need borrow a passport for checking in at hotel, our hotel partner is café lava/ rahayu guest house
  • After check in hotel, free program
  • activity you can do if arriving before dark, we can see sunset near hotel by walk to cemara indah hotel areas to see sunset.
  • If you need dinner, café lava has restaurant, or there is some local restaurant near by accommodation
  • Sleep overnight. Free program


  • Wake up at 03.00 am, depart at 03.30a.m
  • Pick up By jeep at 3.30a.m go to sunrise Point, about 1 hours to go
  • Before check in at jeep, please take a picture of plat number of jeep, because it’s many jeep same colour in parking lot.
  • For bromo only with jeep driver, no need special guide as bromo is very easy treks,
  • Okay, here most travel agency are almost doing the same program for Sunrise Tours at Mount Bromo is Going to view point Penajakan 1 ( most crowded) as penajakan are most degrees to enjoy bromo panorama.
  • But here we offering some optional for you
  • You can choose view point Penajakan 1, the highest but crowded as this is the best to enjoy full panoramic
  • Then the second option is Going To Kingkong Hill or Love Hill or more Seruni point same beautiful only less touristic, you can inform us day 1 if want changes the location view point
  • in Fact you should know is before the hike, prepare warm jacket, sometimes so windy, can be 5 degrees, especially if you already at Indonesia for long.
  • Ok, after enjoy the most breath-taking Sunrise of Mount Bromo
  • we back to Jeep, our Jeep will drive into sea of sand
  • We can have some break for photo season with mount Batok, mount batok next to Mt. Bromo, remind our jeep driver if he miss it to stop.
  • Jeep driver can help for cool picture shoot, not pro photographer but super pro 🙂 lol
  • Ok, after satisfy photo break
  • Drive to Jeep Park
  • From Jeep Parking lot , do you need to walk by your own, driver will wait in car, mount bromo trek route is easy, so no need special guide for it
  • But you will need double layer medical mask in case smell of bromo quite strong.
  • It’s about 1km walk with extra 250 stairs to the Summit, it’s took mostly 1 hour to reach the top
  • Seeing a incredible active volcano, the sounds of mount bromo
  • Seeing the crater of mount bromo
  • There is safety wall/fence so no need to be worry on it, just don’t jump into it
  • There is Seismometer at mount bromo areas, & there is always information from government if there is possibility for erupt.
  • So Mount Bromo Tours is safe 🙂 so don’t worry be happy
  • After climbing mount bromo, back into jeep
  • Jeep drive back to Hotel
  • Breakfast Time at hotel , serve by buffet.
  • After Breakfast, take a shower
  • Relax, after get ready maximum 10 to 11a.m  we must leave the hotel bromo.
  • Then 5 to 6 hours journey to next hotel near kawah ijen
  • We can stop anytime for toilet Break
  • Stay a night at Ijen View Hotel
  • Activity you can do enjoying the pool before hikes to ijen start at midnight. Or having quick dinner, the short sleep.
  • Free program


  • Option 1 : Start at midnight if want to see blue fire, sunrise & lake  depart from hotel at 00.00 a.m. from hotel.
  • Option 2 : start at 01.00a.m if want sunrise and day time only
  • Option 3 : start at 4a.m for day trip to kawah ijen
  • Ok, if you take midnight tours
  • 2 hours drive to Ijen Crater area
  • Breakfast on the box prepared by hotel.
  • Start climb at 2a.m , meeting with our local guide of ijen
  • We need walk 3 km hike to reach summit 2386 meters dpl
  • Mostly one hour walk to summit,
  • you can only see blue fire if going down to crater.
  • In fact tourist is forbidden to going down to crater, government warn to going down for tourist safety, since there is unpredictable gas from active volcano
  • In this case, we will only provided guide to take a care while going down to crater & prepared gas mask respirator, so every risk is in your own if choose blue fire tour program. please check our term of condition for more details.
  • Most our guide is professional because they are mostly ex miners kawah ijen. They know well the areas.
  • For going down to crater not recommended for person has asthmatic or heart problem.
  • after See Ijen Blue Flames Tours, for sunrise point need another 1hour walk up
  • see the crater of Kawah Ijen
  • See panorama
  • See ijen miners during the trip
  • See sulphur stones
  • See landscape on the way back, of course if the weather good.
  • Back to car parking lot
  • enjoy the breakfast
  • after had a breakfast then we will bring you to visit coffee plantation and visit Jagir waterfall for free, only on Monday waterfall is closed
  • 1 hours drive to ferry
  • Drive to ferry Ketapang port
  • Arrives at Ketapang, we will serve the ferry ticket
  • Take a ferry to bali
  • Arrives at gilimanuk port
  • End tours of Surabaya bromo ijen bali by ferry to gilimanuk 3 days 2night.

Price :

3.000.000IDR per person with hotel superior bigger  room

2750.000 IDR per person with homestay small room

Minimal 2 person For Private Tour

Included :

· Pick up service from Surabaya
· Private car during 3 days 2 night
· Safety driver
. fuel
· Private jeep bromo tours
· Ferry to bali

  • 2 night standard superior room + hot water
    · Included breakfast
    · Free wi fi

Entrance fees

. All fees during this program
· Entrance fees bromo national park
· Entrance fess ijen crater
· Fee local guide ijen blue flame tour
· Ferry ticket to bali
. all fees car parking

Service and facility
· Local guide speak english for ijen only
· Safety driver
· Gas mask
· Torch

Food and drink :
· Breakfast Mineral water

Excluded : Lunch, dinner and personal expend


noted : We also offering additional transfer from Gilimanuk to Ubud,Seminyak,Kuta, padang bai for additional cost, please contact us.


Q&A About climbing Ijen Crater &  Mt Bromo Packages ?

Can it be difficult to climb Ijen crater & bromo during 3 days ?

  • almost climbing ijen crater is quite easy, for those of you who are used to sports, because you will pass the first 2 km of climbing which is uphill, then 1 km of peak that starts to climb, after seeing the beauty of ijen crater you will have the strength to get to the top, but if you not too strong to climb Ijen crater there is a taxi trolley rental to Ijen crater, but at a price that is quite expensive, to go down to Ijen crater, you have to prepare extra energy, then what are you waiting for, immediately practice and exercise to get ready to climb Ijen crater with us 🙂 , same as bromo just need about less than 2km including 250 step to get top of mount bromo

is temperature Ijen Crater & bromo very cold ?

  • Yes prepare warm jacket, if you need more jacket hotel rented a jacket in bromo for 25k per jacket , Ijen Crater is at a fairly high altitude between 2000 meters above sea level, even the post start point is already at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level, quite cold between 8-10 degrees Celsius, so prepare a jacket, there is a beanie hat to sale at bromo or ijen, but walk after heading to the Ijen crater or bromo , your body will feel warm, no need to worry, because the hot sun rises from the ijen crater, the cold will end soon.

What is the best month to visit Mount Ijen Crater?

  • A good month is the month where summer is between May and September, and the best month is August to visit or visit Ijen Crater, but August, is the high season for visitors from abroad to Ijen Crater & mount bromo, so wait now, book a package now. Trip bromo ijen with us 🙂

is the package can be lower price? Or can we upgrades the class of hotel ?

  • Yes , we can reduce the price or upgrades the hotel class, for make it low price we can use budget hotel instead staying at hotel
  • For upgrade the facility also possible


  • Ordering an our package for Ijen Crater & bromo tour is very easy, contact our call center at +6281336278367 / phone / whatsapp to get our offers

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